Dear guests, we are obliged to inform you that under the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR, when booking and arrival in our accommodation facility you agree to give your insight on identity or personal identity data (name and surname, type and number of identification document, sex, state and address of residence and birth, citizenship and date of birth) for the purposes of registering tourists in the information system Tourist Communities of the Republic of Croatia for Registration and Registration of Tourists – eVisitor (Law on Residence Tax NN 152/08). The content of your personal data is collected for the purpose of statistical data processing and is intended exclusively to tourist communities, public institutions and ministries with their activities touch this process (Ministry of Tourism – Tourism Inspectorate, Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Finance – Customs Administration). Any unauthorized use, disclosure, processing, processing, reproduction, display, transmission, distribution, recording, or any other form of unauthorized use of your data is strictly forbidden. You can send a complaint or complaint about processing your personal information to:

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